The philosophy of mete centers on high quality materials and exceptional design details, producing furniture, lightning and interior accessories that can used over generations. mete is a furniture brand that offers a unique experience in daily life and adds value to your lifestyle.

mete has chosen ‘Androgyny’ as the main inspiration for its brand concept. Androgyny as a word is derived from ancient Greek, a compound of ‘andro’ which means men and ‘gyn’ meaning women. It defines something that has both masculine and feminine characteristics. mete wants to express this character rather than focus solely on beauty, to inspire and appeal to all.


We also admire people with an instinctive sense, those who are daring, who have no hesitation in expressing themselves. This inspiring attitude is captured by mete in luxurious style by the elegant shapes, restrained details and carefully selected colors and materials. mete will make your life more instinctive, vibrant and colorful.

The mete story begins in Korea however, our aim is to be a brand beyond nationality.

mete launches with a premium collection showcasing mete’s individuality with work from young designers from Korea as well as renowned international designers. We are